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Rules for overnight stays


The owners of each property manage the hostels and collect payment for overnight stays. For staying in the hostels the following rules apply:

    • The hostels are overnight accommodations for hikers, pilgrims, cyclists and horse riders. Please see also .
    • Overnight stays cost 100 DKK per person.  Children between 7 and 12 years half price.  Children yonger than 7  stay for free.
    • Booking is not possibel. The guests choose their beds when they arrive
    • Hostels are open from 5 pm until 10 am the following day
    • At the hostels there are bunk beds, and the guests bring their own sleeping bags and sheets
    • There are fully equipped kitchens, as well as washbasins, toilets and showers
    • A field for horses is found at each hostel, you have to bring your own feed etc. Price 100 kr. per horse
    • Dogs are not allowed at the hostels
    • At several hostels it is possible to buy provisions to a limit extent.

“Foreningen Herberger langs Hærvejen” make the rules for the hostels in cooperation with the hosts.